“I loved his act and I thought it was extremely talented”.
Priyanka Chopra

The Gong Show

“That was awesome.  I had no idea anyone spins plates anymore”.

Eddie Murphy

SNL etc.

“I laughed so hard I almost needed an inhaler”    We had an audience of mixed ages as we had invited our families to join our holiday party and EVERYONE laughed and applauded. We love your witticisms and physical humor.  You are so good at adapting your performances to so many different audiences.  Thank you.
Claudine Moreno

MD, Providence Healthcare

SAME Entertainment

Henrik’s performance truly added another dimension to our annual awards dinner.   He had the crowd laughing from start to finish, and everyone was amazed at his many talents.   His participation made our 20th SAME anniversary event special, and we hope to have him return soon. 

John Hickey

Principal, Society of Military Engineers

SAME Entertainment

Henrik is mesmerizing!  Everyone enjoyed his amazing performance and he made our quarterly meeting for 120 managers and employees very memorable.

Cristal Metz

Executive Assistant, Portland General Electric

“Henrik was truly fabulous”    He so exceeded our expectations and is the perfect ice breaker for a convention.
Scott Cruickshank

Executive Director, Oregon Convention Center

“You made our GALA evening one of the most memorable ever. The evening was world class.”
Henry Benitez

Chair, IEEE EMC Convention

“Hire Henrik if you want a truly funny magical evening.”   Henrik took our annual party to a whole new level.  We have had magicians and hypnotists before but we have never laughed this hard.  It is kind of hard to describe but his comedy is just so unpretentious that you can’t help laughing.  I’m a huge fan and recommend you give yourself the chance to become one as well.
Brian Corekin

CEO, Monster Fuses

Both Ed Asner and I were awed!  And I apologize for calling you guys “The Benelli Twins”.  What can I say,,, I’m dyslexic.  But the Bellini Twins were the sensation of the night.
Jay Leno

The Tonight Show

Neonman on Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde
“Neonman is magnifique.  So different.”  I love how Neonman floats, flies and mesmerizes the audience.  Truly magical.
Patrick Sébastien

Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde

Henrik Bothe at Job Corps Tongue Point
“Henrik’s performance was great! He managed to entertain 200 guests with an age range of 20-70 so thighs were slapped and tears were flowing from laughter. It tapped into nostalgic vaudeville days for some and contemporary music and references for others but a hit with everyone. Just when you thought you could predict what the outcome of a joke or skit might be, you are pleasantly surprised by his spin on it.”
Katrina Gasser

Business & Community Liaison, Tongue Point Job Corps Center