Is it your time to laugh?

Henrik Bothe will kick-off your early-morning general session, hilariously engage, entertain, and inform your customers at an incentive dinner, break up a long awards presentation with quick appearances that refocus and energize the audience, or leave them simply spell-bound with his customized headline comedy performance.

A great way to add value to Henrik’s stage performance is when he gives your group an up close and personal magical encounter.  Not only is it highly entertaining but it also sets the stage for an even better experience when Henrik performs his stage show.


Your attendees have expectations when they come to a conference. As someone who is planning that special event, one of your goals should be to shatter those expectations!

NeonMan is an option that we sincerely suggest you request!
This glow-in-the-dark super creature is pure magic for the brain and audiences talk about it for years after seeing it. Allow Henrik to create a custom neon sign of your group’s logo and he’ll land it center stage at the end of the routine.

Let the audience run THAT through their filter of expectations!
You have enough to think about when you’re planning a special event.
Let Henrik do the heavy-lifting on levity.

We’ve had magicians and hypnotists before but we’ve never laughed this hard.

Brian Corekin

Monster Fuses

Juggler Comedy Magic Entertainment